Pros and Cons of the TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

The Texas Instruments 84 Plus graphing calculator instills substantial value to a high school students math career. The graphing calculator first released in 2004 features a Zilog Z80 processor with 15MHz clocking rate and 24KB in user-accessible memory. With a long array of new features of its predecessor TI-83 plus devices, the multi-functional tools is one of the most advanced calculators in the market. It features built-in clock functionality and a USB port that permits direct device to device transfers over USB. What’s more interesting is the presence of a high-power operating system on this device. Preloaded with 1.5MB flash ROM the device comes with a variety of apps including App4Math, tools for statistics, graphs, calculus, jotting, and games.

The TI-84 plus calculator is widely recognized as a necessity for students and tutors alike in high school and universities. Consider its pros and cons below as you make up your mind on choosing the right calculator for you.


  • Long Lasting Battery – Fully saddled with 4 AAA batteries and a backup button cell battery. You get even more uptime periods from this device.
  • Exam Support – This TI graphing calculator is allowed on the PSAT, SAT, AP, IB and ACT college entrance exams. There’s not much to complain about.
  • Great Preloaded Apps – A unique collection of preloaded apps makes TI calculators standout. Conduct simple math to advanced calculus with ease. The TI-84 Plus series possesses an application that lets the user input mathematical problems just as it’s seen on the textbook.
  • Install Apps – An in-built USB port allows you to update the OS, download and install apps for the calculator without any hassle.
  • Faster speed and more memory – The 84 Plus series works at twice the speed with three times the memory of the preceding 83-plus model series.


  • Expensive – With the cheapest TI-84 Plus graphing calculator going for just over a $100, the pricey nature of these devices may seem to be a drawback for intending buyers who aren’t all convinced of its functionality or how important it is to them.
  • Takes Time to Learn to Use – It’s a pretty complex calculator. You’ll have to read the manual and give yourself some time to learn to use its various features. This is quite a drag for those who borrow the calculator for use but there’s nothing one can do about that.

You can purchase the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator from a number of stores online or locally. The Texas Instruments also provides a calculator comparison chart to find which model is most suitable to your needs.

As an alternative, you can use the free online ti-84 calculator and save your time and money. This is much more convenient than the actual calculator as you can access it right from your cellphone and computer.