This Calculator Is Hands-down The Best Calculator for High School Students

Graphing calculators have been available for years, but seldom have we seen one with the functions of the TI-84 Graphing calculator. Produced by Texas Instruments, the TI-84 is indicated for any higher-level mathematics classes, as well as for use by professional mathematicians. With a 15 MHz Zilog Z80 Processor and 24 kb of available RAM, the power of the TI-84 graphing calculator is sufficient for any calculus, algebra or geometry calculations.

Launched in 2004, the TI-84 is an improvement on the TI-83. While similar in appearance, design, and function, the TI-84 has three times the memory of the original model and boasts an added USB port for fluid integration with home computer applications. Additionally, the TI-84 graphing calculator has 24kb of available RAM and a 1.5MB flash ROM. It is powered by four AAA batteries with a button cell backup battery.

The TI-84 graphing calculator comes in a basic silver or black design, but a number of colorful patterned faceplates are available to customize and personalize the unit. For educational applications, the calculator can be custom-ordered in bright yellow with the words ’school property’ written across the front, so calculators on loan to students won’t be mistaken for personal property.

Another feature of the TI-84 graphing calculator that is an improvement on its predecessor is the addition of pre-programmed software called App4Math that allows a student to input formulas, calculations, and other mathematical information into the calculator exactly as it appears in the textbook, rather than in the transmuted form that is usually seen on calculator displays.

Overall, with the expanded RAM and additional USB port and preinstalled software, the TI-84 graphing calculator could almost be said to be a small handheld personal computer. No matter what the application, it would be a challenge indeed to find a computation that is beyond the scope of this calculator.

The good news here is that you can now use the online version of this calculator for free. offers all the functionalities that you can find on a TI-84 graphing calculator. Try it out now!